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Lunnon Metals Ltd

Anna Lane - Non-Executive Director and Executive

"It takes conviction and strategy to navigate the long road from exploration to turning a profit. Along the way requires the foresight of governments, corporates, and investors to ensure that there is an effective allocation of capital ( equity, debt, and non-dilutive funding) so that we can ensure that there are mineral resources for a carbon-efficient future. 

Getting the critical minerals out of the ground requires capital, time, skills and commitment. 

It was wonderful to see familiar faces from Western Australia, and meet others from other parts of the globe." 


Global lithium Resources

"A productive couple of days at the Resource Connect Asia — Future Facing Commodities Conference in Singapore!

A pleasure to connect with the Hon Madeleine King MP, Minister for Resources and Northern Australia at the event."  


Jonathan Holmes - Publisher, Director, Investor

“My Golden Rule of Networking is simple: Don’t keep score.” Harvey Mackay
Thank you #Singapore Vertical Events: Resource Connect Asia - Future Facing Commodities Singapore 2023 and Singapore Mining Club for the First Class Event. See you next year in SG!" 


Samantha McGahan- Manager for Vanadiam Flow Batteries For Energy Storage | GAICD

"The inaugural conference was well attended and provided opportunities to meet investors, financiers, media and peers. It was interesting to see the lack of understanding of resources from the Singaporean investor community, but they also demonstrated a great desire to learn. I can see the conference and relationship between the Australian resources’ industry and Singaporean investors growing strongly over the coming years."  



"The QEM team capitalized on the fantastic opportunity to expand our investment base across South-East Asia in #Singapore, at Resource Connect Asia - Future Facing Commodities Singapore 2023 

Well done to Stewart McDonald and his team. You’re doing a lot right when the Federal Minister for Resources and Northern Australia Madeleine King opens your conference. Very inspiring! Thanks also for the support from Warren PearceAMEC (Association of Mining and Exploration Companies) and Trade and Investment Queensland (Singapore office)." 


Dudley Kingsnorth - Pre-eminent authority on Rare Earth Markets

"A pleasure to participate in the Rare Earths Panel at the Resource Connect Asia - Future Facing Commodities Singapore 2023 conference, which offered a genuinely stimulating exchange of views. In summary, there are real needs, opportunities and barriers to overcome, but Australia is punching above our weight (as we so often do in mining). I appreciate the collaborative manner in which we were able to discuss the issues we all face in striving to place Australian rare earths companies at the forefront of the new supply chains."  


Dayna Louca - 2nd Director of Volte Corporate

"Had a great time in Singapore last week for the Resource Connect Asia - Future Facing Commodities Singapore 2023 conference. Had the pleasure of meeting a handful of local investors, watching in depth panel discussions lead by industry experts, and of course hearing from a range of ASX listed companies about their role in the clean energy transition. Thanks Stewart McDonald and the team for a successful few days!". 


Max Piirto - 1st Director, Business Development, Minerals, and Metals and Metals at Wood

"A fantastic turnout for the inaugural Resource Connect Asia - Future Facing Commodities Singapore 2023. Showcasing a series of investor presentations and keynotes outlining the development of new sources of energy transition minerals." 


Jennifer Pauzza - 1st Stakeholder Engagement Manager

"Great few days in Singapore at the newly established Resource Connect Asia - Future Facing Commodities Singapore 2023. It has been a whirlwind trip supporting Ian Prentice and Technology Metals Australia Limited in engaging with Asia-based investors. 
Really great to visit all our peers’ booths to see all the great work everyone is doing on bringing critical minerals to the world." 


Simon Corrigan - 2nd Founder and Partner at Corporate Affairs Australia 

"Congratulations to Global Lithium Resources for their presence at Resource Connect Asia - Future Facing Commodities Singapore 2023. It's great to see the enormous interest in the team that has delivered a growing mineral resource and is developing the projects that will see them become one of the next Australian #lithium producers contributing to global decarbonisation."


Di Pan - 2nd Senior Marketing Manager, APAC at CRU

"This is such a great event to meet industry peers in battery metals and energy sectors."


Australian High Commission Singapore

"Singapore is Australia’s largest trade and investment partner in Southeast Asia and an important energy and trading hub for Australia’s resources sector. The global commitment to net zero means new opportunities, which we look forward to working with Singapore to make the most of!"


Max L - Undergrad, Double Degree in Business (Banking and Finance) and Accountancy in NTU

Lunnon Metals Ltd

"A big thank you to the teams at Vertical EventsTribeca Investment PartnersArgonautMiracle Concept Pte Ltd and Resource Connect Asia - Future Facing Commodities Singapore 2023 for your support and brilliant organisation of the Future Facing Conference #FFC23 in Singapore last week.

The conference hall was abuzz with a high calibre of presenters. What a successful conference, with a constant flurry of activity and a brilliant turnout of peers and investors from all corners of the world.

The Lunnon Metals Ltd team were thrilled to be part of the world class event, and look forward to returning next year. We hope you enjoy this snapshot of #FFC23

See you all at 2023 RIU Sydney Resources Round-up next month!"


Cam Sharp - Caterpillar Inc

"Honoured to be able to represent #caterpillarinc at the Resource Connect Asia conference in Singapore. We discussed decarbonisation and electrification of the mining industry."


Sonia Scarselli - BHP Xplor

Terry Gardiner - Director of Galan Lithium Ltd and Charger Metals Ltd

Lachy Nicholas - Investing News Network Australia, Non-Executive Director - Papillon Projects Australia

"To compliment the incredible first Resource Connect Asia - Future Facing Commodities Singapore 2023 Conference by Vertical Events, the social aspects of the City did not disappoint!

Whether it be at Level 33 or the Rugby 7's, it was great to be able to hangout and experience Singapore with many different members (and friends) of the Industry in a 'non-work' setting. It's one of the many reasons why the Conference itself was such a success, and why next year more and more companies will be attending due to the incredible life and reception this City has to offer outside of business."


Scott Clements - Partner at Tribeca Capital

Clarence Yeo - Full Stack Developer, Singtel

"It was a successful convention and well done efforts by resource connect Asia. Being a forum participant, I have learnt important insights and product knowledge updates from industry practitioners. I look forward to next year's convention and being a part of it."

Jack Zhang - Head of Investor Relations, Spark Plus Pte Ltd

"It was a pleasure working with you. Totally enjoyed the event and thanks for putting all so wonderfully together. Hope there’re more opportunities for us to work together."

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