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Our Partners

We collaborate with world class marketing and event companies to transform visions into vibrant realities. Leveraging the expertise of our esteemed partners, we orchestrate showcases that captivate audiences
and resonate with diverse markets across geographies.

Vertical Events
Australia’s foremost conference organising company specialising in mining, resources and technology. With a rich legacy dating back to 1998, Vertical Events has orchestrated some of the nation’s most prominent conferences, earning a reputation for excellence and innovation. From the prestigious RIU Explorers Conference to the RIU Sydney Resources Round-up and the New World Metals Investment Series, Vertical Events consistently delivers unparalleled platforms for industry leaders to connect, engage, and strategise.
Intlang Corporate Consulting
Intlang partners with leading marketing and events companies to elevate its mission of providing unparalleled insights into Chinese business culture and market intelligence, empowering Australian businesses to thrive globally. Intlang delivers integrated service solutions tailored to the needs
of Australian businesses seeking to unlock their potential in international markets. From Asian Investor Relations and Overseas Market Research
to International Business Development and Cross- Cultural Relationship Management, Intlang serves as the extended Asian Marketing Arm for numerous Australian enterprises. Connecting businesses with the right audiences, facilitating strategic alliances and fostering sustainable growth on a global scale.
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