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We're thrilled to announce that Intlang has recently linked two significant partnership agreements with Yingke Law & SMM!

About SSM Shanghai Metals Market (SMM) is integrated internet platform provider of nonferrous and ferrous metals.

At SMM, we provide an integrated internet platform of benchmark prices, analysis, news, consulting and conferences of the metals & mining industry. Headquartered in Shanghai, with branch office in Shandong and Guangdong province. We have extensive network and deep-rooted relationships in SMM nonferrous, ferrous and EV metal industries. With overseas offices in Singapore and the well-built sales network, we serve our customers in the global metal ecosystem. At SMM, we help you Know the real China from a global perspective.

SMM’s flagship portal ( and engages the most customers in the SMM metals industry and has the largest volume of unique daily visitors. Our extensive database covers over 20 years of historical data and receives over 200,000 page views per day.

SMM provides regular updates on Chinese market Information.

Click on the link below:

Yingke (Australia) Law Firm was established in July 2020, with its main office located in Sydney. It is a local law firm in Australia directly managed by Beijing Yingke Law Firm. The branch possesses legal qualifications to practice in the federal and state jurisdictions of Australia, providing various legal services related to Australia and assisting clients in connecting with relevant resources. The branch has cultivated and developed a professional and efficient legal service team, gaining wide recognition and trust from clients in Australia.

Yingke Law Firm is headquartered in Beijing, China. It is a co-founding institution of the United Nations South-South Cooperation Global Think Tank Network and has been ranked as the largest law firm in the Asia-Pacific region for six consecutive years by The Lawyer. It has also been ranked as the largest law firm in Asia by Asian Legal Business for seven consecutive years. Currently, it has 111 branch offices in China. Yingke’s global legal service network covers 164 international cities in 95 countries, ranking first in the 2022 Global 200 global lawyer headcount ranking. Yingke’s legal service network has engaged renowned legal experts in domestic and international legal theory and practice as expert consultants. 

With the strong resources of the Yingke legal service system, Yingke (Australia) is committed to providing clients with high-quality and highly actionable legal services and solutions. Empowering and safeguarding your business and trade activities.



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